How much will a 5 day trip to Spain cost?


petrabaxV9Spain, the beautiful mountainous country located in Europe and covered with flora and fauna remains one of the most loved places for tourists from all over the world. Yes, the currency differs and it might cost you a fortune if the trip is not planned well in advance.

So, starting off, a journey spanning 5 days is considered good enough to cover the country. Contact some of the best Spain travel agencies to get an overview of everything. Select that one Spain travel agency which you think can provide you with an itinerary of your liking.

You will get to know that travelling to Madrid, the capital of Spain seems to be the most feasible option. Book a hotel there and make sure to book one which will provide you with transport services.

Spend a day in Madrid visiting the Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square or art galleries and cover Seville and Barcelona in the remaining days. From gorgeous cathedrals to having espressos, from witnessing the graceful dance of Flamenco to sipping tapas and wine, Spain would provide you with some of the best experiences ever.

Such a happening visit needs research and planning from the very beginning.  A round trip of 5 days would cost somewhere up to 1300 to 1400 euros or Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,10,000 for an adult.

Spain train tickets are reasonably priced and are a major source of transportation there. You can choose to travel from one city to another, for instance, Seville to Barcelona via train and keep your budget in place. Plus, it would be fun to explore the city with the locals who are generally very loving people and who’ll give you insights as and when required.

Train routes and maps are easily available in Spain and as suggested earlier, it is better to decide the places you want to visit before arriving in Spain. Doing so would help you to plan the journey through trains easily. They have an official Spanish rail website just as the Indian Railways website so as to provide you with all the details of the Spain train tickets allowing you to book tickets at sound prices.

They have limits on the number of bags to be carried on a train. So, avoid packing anything and everything for your trip to Spain. It might seem useful at the time of packing but would become a burden later on. So, why indulge in any activity which might end up ruining your trip?

Spain is undoubtedly one of the popular tourist attraction centres of the world. But don’t you think of packing up your bags today and catching a flight tomorrow as that would leave you in tears making you devoid of the joy you anticipated. A trip is nothing short of a wonderful memory. So, an in-depth research of expenditure to be incurred for that trip is not too much to ask for. And the tranquil that would come after would be unmatchable. So, when are you visiting Spain?

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