How to Travel Between Spain & Portugal

Train From Portugal to Spain

Any trip to Western Europe is incomplete without a visit to the Iberian Peninsula. This covers the Spain Portugal belt. The regions together are the rich centers of the rich and varied Latin culture, amazing scenic beauty and lively cities and townships. These striking and amazing features make a trip to these places a real must for any traveller who is hungry to explore and admire. Here are some simple tips that might prove handy when travelling on a train from Portugal to Spain

1. Any traveller is assumingly well versed and sure of his basic budget about the vacation and what has the total period and period that he has decided to invest in the same. There is no doubt that train travel is the best option when it comes to adjusting within a low budget, but if the time is less, air flight is the only sensible option. Another fact to be considered is that it makes perfect sense to buy a round trip air or train tickets as compared to reserving them for two one-way trips, which proves to be a most costly option.

2. The services and schemes offered as in the websites of the airlines should be thoroughly scanned in for the flight rates and schedules. The most common airlines here are Air Europa, Spainair, Easy Jet and Iberia Air. Similarly, the train tickets for travelling between these two places can be easily acquired through Rail Europe’s online reservation service. The best cheaper option, when travelling to cities close to the border, is the bus services that are easily available and more affordable.

3. Travellers visiting the places of Spain and Portugal are usually advised to book the tickets in well advance so that they can get tickets at the lowest fares and thus reserve their seats to avoid any future complications. This should be specially done when the trip is planned during the peak of the general vacation period or during the European students holidays time. Similarly, in most Spain and Portugal cities, train tickets are readily available to travellers.

Train from Portugal to Spain 1

4. When speaking of the scheduled flight, it is always advisable to reach the airport at least 15 minutes to an hour before the flight which may vary when a holiday season is going on. This will ensure ample time in hand for the traveller to check in, go through the security formalities and eventually board the flight. Similarly, when speaking of a train journey, the traveller needs to reach the station, about half an hour early so that he can easily find his train, board his luggage and take his seat in the train. The passport and other relevant documents should be kept handy so that they may be produced as and when required.

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